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Sep. 25th, 2014

Sheila Craan, Children's Stories, Picture Book, Children's Story Book Author

Sheila Craan

Love Poems

Back in the 80s, I purchased a poetry book about love. It had a red velvet cover and lovely love poems. The book contained approximately 64 pages and was rather small 6X4. I can't remember the name of the book or the author. It would be a great Valentine gift. If anyone knows of such a book, please let me know.

Nov. 15th, 2011

Best shoes in the world


Looking for a sci-fi/ fantasy book published before 1999

I am trying to find a book that I read in 1999. It was a mass-market paperback that I borrowed from a relative. Unfortunately, and without elaborating, the relative has passed away and all of her books have disappeared, so I can't go look this one up anywhere.
I seem to remember the book having a fairly garish cover, and I am pretty sure that it was not a new book when I read it. I seem to remember the lettering as being an eye-searing color, and it was in that kind of thick, psuedo-cartoony font often seen during the 80s/90s. (For a similar font, this link will help: http://www.amazon.com/Crygender-ebook/dp/B005F6445G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1321407040&sr=8-2)
I thought the book had reef or ocean or sea in the title, but my searches have yielded nothing. I seem to remember a woman who had fins on a rock or a beach. It may or may not have been a Questar book. It should be noted that my memories of the cover is shakey at best.
The book was intended for adults, rather than teens or kids. It was about a female main character whom I think was called Raika or Reike or something like that. She was part of a species of humanoid creatures that lived in the ocean. They spent most of their time in the water but I believe she could also go on land. They lived in schools or tribes and for some reason she was separated/exiled from/left her tribe (she may have gotten lost, but I don't think so). She was attacked by a different tribe's males and was hurt. I know this book mentioned remoras, but I don't think it was in the context of Earth remoras...I think it was some kind of insult, or possibly a name for a different tribe/school. I especially remember the use of chromatophores to communicate amongst members of her own species. I believe that she flashed orange on hers for anger.
Please help me find this book! It's driving me nuts.
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Mar. 28th, 2010

Grammar love!


Not "The Secret Garden"

I read this book when I was 10-11 (2001-02) or so.

I forgot the title but basically it involves this girl, maybe 12 years old, who's shy and doesn't like to socialize that much and would rather spend the summer reading books. Her mom wants her to go out and play with the neighbors' kids, etc. And one day she goes out to her backyard (I think?) and a bunch of really weird stuff happens. Ghosts or weird events or something. Paranormal stuff maybe? I don't remember. She has a younger sister, too.

Oh! And I think the little sister had a doll that caused all the creepy paranormal stuff. Either that, or the protagonist finds the doll in the backyard.

A creepy doll is involved, I'm 99% sure of that, ha.

I think she and her family just moved to the new house, too, which is why she was exploring the yard.

The book was a paperback and somewhat thick in size. It had yellow front/back covers and for some reason I remember flowery/swirly font on the front cover.

The summary on the back cover specifically talked about the girl's shyness and how she wanted to read books instead of making friends, among other things.

This is probably really not specific but if you can find the title, I'll be forever grateful! Thanks!

Mar. 15th, 2010



Looking for a book I read 8-10 years ago.

I read a book some time ago about a young girl in high school who was a cutter (cutting her wrists with a razor blade),she wrapped her wrists in red cloth to hide this and started a fashion statement in her school, she was going through all that teen angsty/depression stuff most normal teens go through at her age (15ish), she somehow stumbled upon something in her back yard that opened a whole series of parallel universe's. Along her adventure to get home she meets an "alien" of sorts (male) and falls in love with said "alien". I really enjoyed the book and the inner struggle from depression into love. I have been on the hunt for it for quite some time, but I can't find it anywhere. I have no idea who wrote it or the title I just remember vague details about it and I'm looking for any info on either Author or title or both.

Aug. 23rd, 2009

Best shoes in the world


Three books I am searching for


Book 1: This is a book that I borrowed from a friend, probably sometime around 1999-2001, and I believe it was a new book. I remember that it was coffee table sized (oversized) and it may have been intended as a children’s book, but it had very illustrations. They looked like colored pencil illustrations. I think it was a book of Celtic Fairy Tales or Celtic Myths and Legends and I remember that it had a blue cover and it might have had a Pegasus on the cover. Unfortunately this was back before I started keeping the Hellacious Book List, so I don’t have the exact title or the author or anything (and it might not have been limited to Celtic Fairy tales). I remember one very striking illustration of a boy (I believe) with very blonde hair and teeth that were pointed (like maybe they’d been filed) the illustration went along with a story that was very similar to “The Snow Queen” but I know for sure that it wasn’t a Hans Christian Anderson story. I’d know the book if I saw it again, but I haven’t, unfortunately. (The illustrations were NOT by Dulac OR Rackham-I’d have recognized THOSE right away.)


Book 2: A friend of one of my cousins was telling me about this one, it's kind of an urban fantasy in which a scientist working somewhere very cold (the guy telling me about the book said someplace like Alaska or the Yukon Territory) discovers that there are really elves and fairies in the world. At first he wants to reveal them to the scientific community, but decides to protect them instead. He got the book at a public library in Denver, Colorado, but couldn't remember the name, title, or a whole lot of important plot stuff. I sincerely hope that this book is not a figment of his imagination, as I would VERY much like to get my hands on it because it sounded really interesting. It was actually an adult (as in people older than 13-17, not porn) novel, though it could possibly have been republished as YA, as so many other books have been lately (like Ecstasia....)

and finally
book 3: A friend of mine was telling me about this the other night. I have tried to find something, anything, to no luck. He thinks it was a children's/YA book and it was a group of dragons of different colors/ethnicities getting together and telling their stories (kind of like a convention). He remembers a red dragon, a green dragon, and he thinks a blue one (however, we were talking about cartoons prior to this and the Snorks, the Littles, and the Smurfs came up, so that might have influenced his color choices a bit-the guy does a mean imitation of the little green Snork that always just burbled (isn't burbled a GREAT word? I love it. I learned it from Neil Gaiman, he burbles happily about stuff a lot according to his blog) but never spoke)


Jul. 24th, 2009



(no subject)

We were talking about helping younger girls learn about anorexia at work today and I was reminded of a YA book I read sometime mid-80s-mid-90s.

It's from the point of view of a girl who IS anorexic, but doesn't understand that she is. It has how she sees everyone reacting to her being anorexic.

Things I remember:

She tries out for cheerleading and has cowboy boots on and does a disco routein. Then right after her a fat boy does a "chatanooga choo choo" cheer."

She starts growing extra hair because she's so skinny and thinks it's good because she interprets it as her body "taking care of itself."

Sorry that's all I remember!

Nov. 17th, 2008



(no subject)

I'm looking for a very large compilation of fairy tales, children's stories, limericks, and I think there were some poems, all by different authors. I had a copy as a child in the 1980's, but all I can remember about it is:

- it looked extremely big to my eyes (probably larger than a sheet of looseleaf notebook paper, and several hundred pages thick).
- it was teal-colored hardcover. I don't remember ever seeing a dust jacket; it likely had one that was removed by my parents or lost.
- the title was embossed in blue on the spine.
- poems and limericks were in the front of the book.
- it had "The Waterbabies" near the back of the book.
- it had a fairy tale called "The Bluebird" somewhere near the middle, a synopsis of which is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Blue_Bird_(fairy_tale).

It had few illustrations, in the Victorian style common to the Oz books and Alice in Wonderland if I recall correctly, and I don't remember if any of them were in color.

I'm fairly sure it's out of print by now and I'll have to look in used book stores, but a title would be a huge help anyway.

Sep. 6th, 2008




In the mid '80s, there was an author, identified only as "Anonymous" who wrote a series of erotic books entitled "They", "She", "He", "We", "Us", etc.

I know this is a long shot but do /any/ of you guys know where I might get my hands on these? Thanks!

Jan. 12th, 2008

Jin Hyuk waves.


Napoleonic Soldier Book

(Hello! I'm new. *waves*) Okay, I read this book last year and now I can't remember the title at all. It was a historical fiction set during Napoleon's Russian Campaign and it was in the (first person?) point of view of a young soldier who was the assistant to a high military ranked officer (who was also pretty young himself). One scene I remember: they heading toward Moscow? St. Petersburg? to take over the city and they took a detour to a castle and had dinner there. The soldier had a flirty (I think) moment with this blonde girl and then the army moved on. There's this whole thing about the officer always getting drunk after sunset and um, um, oh! The city Napoleon sent them to take over was abandoned so the army starved, and it was freezing, and people started to die...and all that great stuff.
So...Thanks in advance!
What a great community for forgetful people like me...>.>

edit: Found! "An Innocent Soldier" by Joseph Holub.

Dec. 4th, 2007



(no subject)

Okay, this was a kid's book, and it's about I think three kids... All I remember about it is that there was a moose-like character who said he had a sweet tooth, and showed one of the kids and she said "That really is a sweet tooth!" because it had a little flower painted on it.

Also, near the beginning of the book they are talking to a man who says people don't look up enough any more, they only look at the ground. Then he walked into the street and nearly got run over and one of the other kids said "I bet he was looking up."

The kids also had to cross a long rickety bridge at some point... and that's all I remember.

I'm not sure if that'll ring any bells, but it's been irritating me for months!

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